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Feature Films. Commercials. Documentaries. Video Games. Television. Immersive Experiences. If it involves a story or interesting concept, we're in.

Our expertise lies at the confluence of performance and technology. Whether that be a groundbreaking new method of capture or the subject itself, we're not afraid of technology, the stories surrounding it, or the media that explains it. Throw in our exceptionally talented actors and production companies from around the globe, and you'll quickly find that Propellant elevates its stories and partners above the noise.

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Propellant is a seasoned production company with a wide range of experiences in the industry. From independent films to large-scale productions (sometimes in collaboration with multinational conglomerates), we've done it all. Our focus is combining compelling narratives with a good experience for our partners and collaborators.

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Propellant's commercials are crafted to reflect the brand's message and essence in each video. Through careful planning and execution, the video ensure that the audience experiences the brand in its truest form. We aim to create a cohesive and authentic representation that resonates with viewers.

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Propellant's Short Form is the epitome of precision storytelling for the digital age. Tailored to capture attention swiftly, it employs concise, engaging videos to carve a brand’s niche across social platforms. This service is a seamless blend of creativity and strategy, ensuring your message resonates effectively within the fleeting moments of the digital landscape.

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From start-ups to conglomerates, Propellant has had the great fortune to work with dozens of amazing companies acros many different industries.

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Filmmaker and entrepreneur, Matt Osterman, isn’t afraid to chase his passions and has the receipts to prove it. From writing, directing, or producing five feature films, to starting and selling his own Internet Service Provider, to being the first employee at The Blue Zones, helping create video games, or making spots and campaigns for clients, he excels at being a multi-hyphenate and brings a builder mentality to every project.

His film career officially started as a producer on a documentary called Sportsfan for Jon Stewart (yeah, that one). After it aired on SpikeTV, Matt wrote and directed the low-budget and critically acclaimed supernatural thriller, Ghost from the Machine. It played to sold out festival audiences around the world and eventually was a Top 10 most watched title on Netflix. He then wrote and directed the polemic space puzzler called 400 Days (starring Dane Cook, Brandon Routh, Caity Lotz, Ben Feldman, and Tom Cavanagh) which was the first acquisition by SyFy’s new film arm. The trailer soon became the most watched new trailer on iTunes and was broadcast repeatedly on cable TV. Based on that experience, SyFy hired Matt to rewrite and direct the cult favorite film, Hover (starring Cleopatra Coleman, Beth Grant, Shane Coffey, among others). His latest project, Bitcon (coming Fall of 2022), is a love letter to cryptocurrency with a "bad people gonna do bad things' refrain.

Before his time directing and producing, he cut his teeth working with world-renowned explorer Dan Buettner on a National Geographic cover story searching for the longest-lived populations around the world. Being the first employee of The Blue Zones meant he wore multiple hats, from building pitch decks one minute to leading discussions with the World Health Organization the next. Matt eventually left The Blue Zone  to kick off his film career, but is not surprised to see Dan and company land multiple New York Times bestselling books, Oprah interviews, and a litany of other massive successes.

Because Matt is infinitely curious and saw an opportunity to help, he co-founded an Internet Service Provider that brings internet service to those who desperately need it. Building the company to seven-figure revenues and thousands of users, he ultimately exited with a sale to a large regional provider. He owns equity in the parent company and remains an adviser.